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The Last Time I Wrote


When I wrote my last blog entry in March 2022, I was unknowingly about 3 weeks pregnant. Despite the baby brain and pregnancy related distractions, I continued working on my MA and in November 2022 was awarded a Merit. Several competition entries (albeit without winning) made for a great continuation of my writing journey. 

I had some time off writing from the MA dissertation submission an...

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They say Barra provides all four seasons in one day. They weren't wrong. I walked up the hill in the cloud and rain. When I was at the top, I faced hail and an intense wind. I wedged myself by a huge rock for shelter and enjoyed the view with the invigoration of the weather. I felt alive. More alive than I'd ever felt. And free. And vulnerable. Just...embracing the day a...

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Where did my writing journey begin?


It was August 2019. I packed up my car and headed over to The Outer Hebrides. Alone. For three weeks. I've always been content in my own company - since being a child. I'd happily play for hours on my own and could pass a whole weekend just reading. Planning a trip away, to the most remote part of the UK, did not worry me one bit. Did I consider taking a friend? Nope.

And what a perfect retreat it was. I have no doubt that this holiday transformed...

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My story got longlisted!


A few months back, I decided to enter a competition with my short story 'What's Good for Us'. I know htat if I want to build up a portfolio, I need to get my work out there. The Grindstone competition seemed a suitable place to start but I never expected to have my story longlisted and it will soon be published in their anthology. Exciting. It have given me much confidence to keep entering competitions. You can read the story in My Writing tab...

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